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Ruofan & Carmel

Our Union Story

Minimalist Ombre Printable Monthly Plann
Minimalist Ombre Printable Monthly Plann

Carmel's Experience

Coming into Union was a very natural and peaceful experience. After finding out we were Twin Flames, it took less than two hours to achieve Union. I just kept surrendering my resistance to the love God had for me through my Twin Flame, and we fell into it naturally. We have been partnering together as One and working through our blocks since.

Ruofan's Experience

I felt surprised and shocked, but soon accepted it because I knew it was God and God’s will to let me find my Ultimate Lover. For a while, I thought I probably won’t find anyone or get married. I feel like I want to stay with Carmel.

Twin Flame Union is yours. It is absolutely possible for you. It is your birthright and your natural state of being. It becomes a natural state of being as you keep applying Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings to your life. I started my journey about three years ago after picking up Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. I started where you are. Right at the beginning. I followed the teachings and attained my Union. Do you choose to claim yours?

Love and blessings,

Carmel and Ruofan

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