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Wheat Field


I've received many great Readings from very gifted people, but the Reading I got from Carmel is absolutely outstanding. It's brilliant, perfect and deeply healing. She revealed to me a core choice that is no longer serving me. I felt the healing happening even before I received the message from her at the exact moment she was tuning into my consciousness. Carmel is gifted. Blessed are those who work with her!


I had the most amazing session with Carmel. She guided me through each step and helped me heal some core deep-rooted blocks. I feel a huge weight has been lifted.


Carmel is very dedicated and passionate about her work. Her intuitive skills and capabilities are  phenomenal.  My childhood was a bit tumultuous and I feel her skills will allow me to unlock and transform some patterns that are affecting my life.  Thank you Carmel for your time and efforts and dedication.


My session with Carmel was extremely effective. Immediately after our session, I felt very peaceful and serene. Carmel is very intuitive and wise. I could feel the love emanating from her throughout our entire session.


I immediately felt the rush of tears at reading Carmel’s words. Reading them started the healing process I didn’t even see I needed.  Sometimes we have issues so deeply rooted that we ourselves don’t see. It’s important to take time and really reflect on the gift that’s given to us by the wonderful healers. Thank you, Carmel! You’ve helped me more than I can convey! 

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